Help needed…

Three years ago, when I initially set my sights on eating around the globe, I had never anticipated undertaking such an ambitious project to work a different foodie job every week for a year. But things got a little carried away and here I am 8 weeks before I start my first job at Thornbridge Brewery.

I wouldn’t be in this position without the huge amount of help I’ve received to date. I have genuinely been astounded by the kindness and generosity of so many people offering their time and knowledge during the planning stages. However, I am still a little way to go – it’s hard enough finding one job in today’s climate of unemployment let alone 52! And on top of this I’ve never been to 90% of the places I’m travelling to during my culinary adventure.


So here’s another call to arms! I’ve recently uploaded my route here and would love to hear from …

  • People in the food and drink industry who would be interested in having a helping hand for a few days.
  • Foodies who can recommend some must eats for some of the cities I’m visiting.
  • Locals who fancy keeping myself company over a few brews and some grub.
  • Sofas worldwide looking to hook-up with a friendly Yorkshireman for the night.

If you can help in any way I’d be truly grateful. Either leave a comment below or drop me an email –

Stay Hungry. Stay Foodish!


2 thoughts on “Help needed…

  1. I can recommend the Brown Cow on Fulham road, the staff are very attentive and will even clean after guests should they find any Ale unpalatable.

  2. Are you sorted yet for NZ? Let me know, because I can definitely hook you up with people to stay with, some of whom will also have great tips on places to eat/experience food (e.g. the Auckland fish market). If you can, you should also try to experience local traditions (such as a hangi). BUT: I’ve just looked at your itinerary, and see you’re not going to Wellington!! Wellington is definitely the coffee capital of NZ (I know that even as a non-coffee drinker), and also has some of the best places to eat — and the liveliest cafe culture in the country (when I came to London from Wellington, nearly 20 years ago now(!) I was really surprised at the way everything in central London shut down at 11pm). I’d recommend Ambeli in Wellington — probably the finest dining experience I’ve ever had (though that may not be saying much…).

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