Final Countdown…

With only a few days before I begin my first food job, I sometimes felt the trip would never go ahead. Having set my heart on working food jobs around the globe, there was the question of how the hell was I going to go about it? Where to start? What to do? “Hi I’m Alex. Please can I cook in your Michelin starred kitchen” was not going to get me anywhere. If I was going to succeed I needed a story to tell. My story. A story that sets me apart from everyone else. And so in a moment of inspiration (or madness), I decided on my goal – 1 year, 5 continents, 52 foodie jobs.

We often hear inspirational tales of individuals overcoming adversity and struggle to achieve great feats. Mine is not one of them. I had a good job, a terrific set of friends and a fantastic family. I even managed to find myself a lovely lady and took the big bold step to move in together. Yes, I know what you’re thinking! Despite leaving her to go gallivanting around the world my balls remain firmly attached and have yet to be served to me as a “local” delicacy.

Criadillas de ternera

criadillas de ternera – thankfully not criadillas de Foodish Boy

Life was very comfortable. Somedays I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. For a man who has only spent a long weekend away from friends and family it would be a bold move to spend a year apart. Truth be told, because of this I delayed the start of my trip. Twice!

Thankfully, it was a case of third time lucky. Following an overdose of motivational quotes I quit my job, booked my flights and announced my departure to those near and dear. I’m ready to “live my dream and share my passion.” The final countdown begins…

The Holstee Manifesto


2 thoughts on “Final Countdown…

  1. Above all we must beleve we are gifted for something and this something must be achieved at all costs learn when we are still young and plastic regards doc

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