Thornbridge: A Tale of Two Breweries

After an exhausting first day I’ve enjoyed splitting my time between Thornbridge’s two breweries. Thornbridge first brewed in 2005 at a 10 barrel brewery in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall – a stately home first built in the 12th Century and later developed by Frederick Craven in 1859. As Thornbridge’s beers started to gain popularity they moved into a new state of the art brewery down the road. The difference is staggering…

Thornbridge Brewery

 The new brewery near Bakewell.

Thornbridge Hall Brewery The brewery at Thornbridge Hall.

New Brewery Cask washing in the front yard.

Hall Brewery The front yard at the hall brewery.

Front Yard at New Brewery Washing a delivery of casks at the new brewery.

Front Yard at Old Brewery No room for delivery trucks here!

The Control Room The computerised control room.

Control Room

 Shocked to even see a laptop (although we do need music to brew to)!

Keeping an eye on the brew Keeping an eye on the brew.

Keeping an eye on the brewMore shed kitchen than award winning brewery!

Conditioning Tanks

 Italian designed stainless steel conditioning vessels.

Conditioning Tanks

 The Hall’s conditioning room. One of these exploded not long ago! 

Warehouse to the back

 Warehouse to the rear.

WarehouseThe Hall’s warehouse – currently housing a 13 month aged Sour Brown brew made using locally grown fruits.

Thornbridge offer a brewery tour of the new site every Wednesday at 3pm. Well worth a visit. For more info click here.

Up next. Foodish boy makes a brew. Stay tuned…


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