The Foodish Butcher

Week 4. Job 4. After escaping the fires of the bakery unscathed, my next job was to be found just two minutes up the road at Hobbs House Butchery.  As a kid I had always found  my weekly Saturday trip to the local butcher’s fascinating. Looking at the counter filled with many delicious meats, I would often try to match what I saw in front of me to the weathered posters of animals on the wall. Dad and I would always plan it so that we were the ones on the “meat run.” Much to Mum’s distress, we’d return home with Desperate Dan sized steaks, and most likely a few sausages and some quality bacon for good measure. (Of course we would blame this all on the butcher!)

Unfortunately for the butchery, but fortunately for me, the shop was understaffed during my visit. Not only did this mean my responsibilities extended beyond the typical “apprentice” tasks, but Fabulous Baker Brother, Henry Herbert, was to hand to give me a masterclass in everything from sausage making to animal anatomy. If you’re lucky I may even share his incredible scotch egg recipe with you later in the week. But for now here’s a few pics of us in action…

Hobbs House Butchery

Hobbs House Butchery – pride of place on Chipping Sodbury High Street.

Henry and Paul go through the weeks orders. Both top lads and a pleasure to work with.

Henry and Paul go through the week’s orders in the back room where most of the meat is prepped for the shop.

Getting stuck in with some beef butchering. Henry laughing at my skills.

Getting stuck in with some beef butchering. Henry laughing at my skills.

Foodish Boy Preps Some Pork

Innuendo butchery – boning some pork in the shop.

Fabulous Foodish Butcher!

The Fabulous Foodish Butcher serving another happy customer.

Foodish Boy Goes Guitar Shopping

What am I looking for…?

Foodish Boy Pig Guitar

My guitar of course. Trott and Roll!

Here’s a few more puns suggested by you…

– Steak That – Pork Life (Blur) – Loinkin Pork – Iron Bacon – Sty With Me (The Faces) – The Notorious P.I.G…

Any more? Comment below…


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