Disaster Strikes…

Word of advice. Never drink with Icelanders. Never drink with chefs. And most certainly never drink with Icelandic chefs. In my drunken stupor I had spectacularly printed off the wrong flight details resulting in missing my flight to NY by a full day. Foolish boy vs Foodish boy. Mum if you’re reading this before you offer any form of criticism let me remind you about the time you got the wrong Christmas day (and coincidentally so did Santa for that matter!) Here’s a few pics from my extra few (unplanned) days in Reyka…

Reyka day out-10Icelandic Church

Morning coffee with Tumi at the incredible Kaffismiðjan - best coffee in town.

Morning coffee with head waiter Tumi at the incredible Kaffismiðjan – best coffee in town.

Black pepper liquorice

Black pepper liquorice

Hot girls doing weird things

Special dedication to my good friend Mr Ralgar – “hot girl doing something weird”

Reyka day out-17 Reyka day out-19 Reyka day out-21

Reyka day out-3 Reyka day out Reyka day out-13 Reyka day out-4 Reyka day out-6 Reyka day out-8 Reyka day out-7 Reyka day out-24

Last Supper

Last supper at Kex hostel. Possibly the greatest hostel I’ve ever stayed in. Goat’s cheese and beet salad. Washed down with wheat beer.


6 thoughts on “Disaster Strikes…

  1. Hehe. Icelandic chefs 5 v Yorkshire Cossack 0! What would your Dad and Taras Bulba have to say about that!! Enjoying your posts, learning a lot about food and who not to drink competitively with. Take care in the Big Apple. Love from The Irishman.

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