Foodish Boy vs NY

After spectacularly missing my flight, I finally touched down in NYC with good intentions for the coming weeks. Like many in this city, I would work various shifts in a kitchen and transform into a writer by night, strolling from cafe to cafe sharing my foodish stories with the world. Or that’s what I thought. Clearly the road to hell is paved with good intentions as within a few hours of landing I found myself submitting to subversive vices. Temptation lies at every corner and NYC has ruined many a stronger man than me. Roof top pool clubs, daytime raves, block parties – I was truly swallowed alive by New York’s hedonism. Where else can one go for an innocent Sunday brunch and end up dressed in women’s clothes among a gay pride parade? (Thankfully my camera died before any evidence of this could be recorded!)

Pride New York

A call to arms…

New York’s fondness for self-indulgence makes it one of the best food cities in the world. Anyone who has been to New York will have of course seen the street stalls selling what’s affectionately known as “dirty water dogs” (mainly because of the onions that sit in the same water for hours at a time). Where better to start my time in New York than at Bark Dogs, who have taken this ubiquitous street food staple and given it a fine dining makeover.  Listening to chef Josh Sharkey on my first day talk me through his menu is the closest I’m going to get to food porn. Heritage pork shoulder and belly burger, smoked Grafton and young Cabot Cheddar….Hawthorne valley sauerkraut dog… Bark Butter ( butter with rendered smoked pork fat to glaze every dog and bun seconds before serving? Seriously bad ass!

Bark butter coating shining in the light

Bark butter coating shining in the light.

Bark Dogs Brooklyn

Bark Dogs Brooklyn. My home for the week.

Seriously good buffalo wings

Seriously good “Buffalo” wings. Named after the NY city in which they were first created.

My first few days at Bark were in production, with chef Derrick, learning some of their incredible recipes with an evening shift at a charity event alongside NBA and NFL players for good measure (naturally none of which I recognised). However, it wasn’t until the end of the week, during my time in the kitchen, that my heart truly started to sing to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner.

Bark Dogs Kitchen

The evening shift with Joey and Jesus – two brothers from Brooklyn.

Just like last week’s experience at Dill restaurant, the buzz of the kitchen and the people inside it are a drug I just can’t get enough of. Cooking alongside Joey and Jesus, helped me get past the earlier days of pleasure seeking and offered a rare glimpse under the skin of New York’s people and culture. Despite New York’s best attempts to lead me into temptation, I’m pleased that working at Bark Dogs is at least one intention I’ve stuck to.

Bark Dogs Foodish Boy

Foodish Boy serving up one of many hot dogs.

Huge thanks to Josh, Derrick and the rest of the team at Barks Dogs. If you’re ever in the area drop in to see them for some seriously good food.

Bark Dogs, 474 Bergen St, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC.


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