A Postcard from Chinatown

Living in the depths of Chinatown, you could forgive me for feeling like I had arrived in Asia 6 months earlier than scheduled. With the largest Chinese population in the Western hemisphere, leitmotifs of yellow cabs and the distant Manhattan skyline serve as the only reminder you’re in America. Market stalls line the street selling strange and exotic produce, while New York’s heat and humidity awaken a melting pot of odours from bakeries, restaurants and, less pleasantly, garbage piles. Breakfasts of sticky coconut buns and black bean cakes and dinners of soup dumplings and noodles. I came looking for New York and found China. Here are a few pics from my time here…

Mott Street New York China Town

Foodish Boy in NY? My home for the last few weeks.

Roof Top China Town

Hot, humid and humming. Not the nicest of NY’s rooftop spots but certainly one with character.

Logan Fruit China Town

Logan fruit – a sweet treat on my doorstep.

Yummy cakes NY chinatown

“Yummy Yummy Cakes” 15 mini cakes for $1.

china town-13 Fresh Veg China Town china town-10 china town-7 Fresh Crabs China Town

Baby Hulk New York

Not sure what to make of this…

Columbus Park Music China Town New York

Columbus Park – Chinatown

china town-16 china town-17

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