A Foodish Boy About Town

Having spent most of my time working in Brooklyn and Manhattan, I felt it only fair to explore some of the other boroughs. After a few gentle words of persuasion I managed to convince some local foodies into an informal ‘non-tour’ tour of their favourite spots. First up the Queens…


Stepping off the subway at Jackson Heights I met with Jeff Orlick the man behind Queens based Jeff Tastes food tours and a recent scheme known as ‘the Ambassador’. If you see the ‘Ambassador sign’, simply point to it, pay $10 and the chef will select you a variety of treats from their menu. Not only a fantastic idea, but the scheme allowed Jeff, Joe Di Stefano (another Queens-based food writer) and me an opportunity to sample a number of places in the area. What I had not anticipated was this short food walk turning into a 5 hour, 4 meal feasting session. These boys know how to eat…

The Ambassador Queens New YorkMeal 1 – Gangjong Kitchen a Tibetan place on Roosevelt Ave

Gangjong Kitchen’s Queens

Ambassador plate 1. Tibetan Momo dumplings and a bowl of dal.

Meal #2 – Dhaulagiri – A tiny Nepali place inside in Tawa Foods.

A breakdown of what we ate at Dhaulagiri, a family run spot inside Tawa Foods.

A breakdown of what we ate at Dhaulagiri, a family run spot inside Tawa Foods.

Thali Plate New York Queens

A thali (literally Nepali for plate) – ubiquitous Nepali lunch


To the right = Sukuti. A Nepali dried beef jerky rolled in spices. Divine.

Meal #3 – Tortas Neza in Corona Queens.

Mr Tortas

The wonderful Mr Tortas. Don’t call him by his real name.

Tortas Neza Corona

We were too full for the famous tortas (a mexican flat bread sandwich) so opted for three tacos instead. Pork, Beef and PIGS EARS! YUM!

Fourth and last meal – Chinatown, Flushing.

Sea bass dumplings

Sea bass dumplings – all we could manage.

After a marathon eating session all I could manage that evening was a cold shower and a long LONG snooze. Huge thanks to Jeff and Joe for a truly gluttonous day out.

Next up the Bronx.


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