A Postcard from the Bronx

Following my foodish death march around Queens it was on to the Bronx to meet Myra from Noshwalks, who had kindly agreed to show me around the area. Admittedly I was somewhat nervous about visiting the Bronx. Earlier in the week I had played beer pong with two Bronx boys who had insisted that “people like you better stick to Williamsburg“. (I was more shocked they thought I was cool enough to hang in Brooklyn.) Stepping off the platform at Fordham Road i was surprised to find how lively and diverse the area was – far from the burnt out ghetto I had anticipated. Here are a few pics from our walk around…

Fordham Road Bronx

Welcome to Gotham city. Batman esque subway structure.

queens bronx-3

Family BBQ in the Bronx

A local family BBQ in the back yard. I was tempted to go and ask for a sample!

queens bronx-5

Basil Seed and Honey Drink Would you give this a try?

Raspado. Ice Shaved into a ball and flavoured with a syrup.

Raspado. Ice Shaved into a ball and flavoured with a syrup.

queens bronx-7

Bronx Mexican

Stocking up on some Mexican goods.

queens bronx-11

Eating some grub in the Bronx

My newly made friends and I feast on a selection of our treats.

A huge thanks to Myra for showing me the Bronx – I wish we had more time to see some more. You can find Noshwalks on Facebook here.


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