Introducing…Badass Eat of the Week. #1 Birria.

Birria Goat Stew Jalisco Mexico

By focusing on my journey and the jobs worked, this blog has often neglected a crucial aspect of my travels – food. With this in mind, I introduce to you my ‘Badass Eat’, a regular feature that hopes to shine the spotlight on one delectable dish a week. The ‘Badass Eat’ may not always be the most gourmet, and I may find it when I’m least expecting it (read: expect some dodgy Instagram photos), but I promise you these foodish treats will be too good not to share.

Arriving late in Guadalajara last week, I was in need of something quick and tasty to satisfy my raging hunger. Thankfully I stumbled across the Mercado San Juan de Dios, and immediately set about trying to find birria, a goat stew, typical of the Jalisco region. Spot a stall displaying goat horns and you’re in luck.

Birria is traditionally made by slowly roasting a goat underground, covered by clay and stones (although on this occasion the meat was oven roasted). Large chunks of meat are then hacked up and served in bowls of steaming goat stock containing chili (usually guajillo), tomato, garlic, cumin and Mexican oregano. Beautifully simple, the rich juices from the goat compliment the guajillo chili chosen for its green tea and berry overtones and not its heat. Squeeze over lime to cut the fat and serve with diced onion and mounds of steaming tortillas, fresh off the grill.

Mexicans say birria is a known aphrodisiac as goats’ horny nature gets transferred to the stew. Sadly, however, the only bedroom activity I could manage after such a rich feast was an ice cold beer and an afternoon siesta.

I ate at El Palenque, Mdo. San Juan de Dios, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Unable to get to Mexico? Give the stew a try at home. I found a nice recipe at Almost Fearless Kitchen worth checking out.

Stay hungry, Stay foodish!


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