A Postcard from Ambootia

During my last few days in I Darjeeling I visited the Ambootia plantation, one of the first tea gardens established by the British in the mid-19th century. Here are a few pics from my time there.

Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-9Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-4Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-6Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-13Foodish Boy Thai & Darjeeling-10

Hand picked tea from previous day's work.

Hand picked tea from previous day’s work.

Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-8Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-5Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-3Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-10Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-12Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-11Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-7Darjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-16Darjeeling Foodish Boy at AmbootiaDarjeeling Foodish Boy at Ambootia-2



2 thoughts on “A Postcard from Ambootia

  1. Love the photos of landscape, women working in their colorful work clothes, the boys, the inside operation and what ‘foodish’ boy looks like. And of course, ..Darjeeling tea

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